Saturday, 10 November 2018

Character Profile: Agent Louis

Name: Agent Louis

Debut: Charizard (2019)

Alignment: Bad

Portrayed by: Ted Levine

An agent who works for Dr. Von Tyranitar.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Character Profile: Jack Biwowski

Name: Jack Biwowski

Debut: Charizard (2019)

Alignment: Good

Portrayed by: Chris Pine

A police officer who befriends Charizard and team up in his fight to stop the evil Dr. Von Tyranitar.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Transcript: Charizard Boom - Episode 104

[The Charizard Boom opening theme plays.]

[Scene: Village Center, Day]

[The episode picks up where the previous one left off, with Charizard slammed into a wall with Mewtwo standing over him. Behind them, the rest of Team Charizard have managed to pick themselves up, but are still badly hurt.]

Mewtwo: Any last words, Charizard?

Charizard: [standing up] Yeah. "Volcano Wonderpants!"

Mewtwo: [confused] What? That doesn't even make--

[Charizard takes advantage of the brief distraction to drive Mewtwo back. They start fighting and running around the village, neither of them gaining a decisive advantage in the fight. Tyranitar is still watching this.]

Tyranitar: I'm gonna look totally awesome when I superimpose my character skin over this.

[Charizard and Mewtwo's fight continues. Charizard rushes Mewtwo and tries to spin attack him, but Mewtwo teleports just long enough to avoid it.]

Mewtwo: You have the reflexes of a cheetah.

Charizard: [confused] Is that an insult? I thought cheetahs were fast.

Mewtwo: Maybe compared to you.

[Charizard gets an angry expression, and the fight resumes, still indecisive. Charizard and Mewtwo go spinning at each other, and proceed to knock each other away. Charizard slams into the well. Tyranitar is looking at the footage on a tablet.]

Tyranitar: This footage is even better than I imagined! I gotta go home and program it into my game.

[Tyranitar whistles, and then flies away, with the SpyBots following. Charizard regains his feet just in time to be knocked off them again by a charging Mewtwo. Mewtwo tries to punch him, but Charizard rolls out of the way and manages to trip Mewtwo up. They both struggle to gain a dominant position, with Charizard finally managing to pin Mewtwo down.]

Charizard: Why are you doing this, Mewtwo?!

Mewtwo: [forces Charizard off, then stands] You'll pay for the things you said about me.

[Mewtwo slams Charizard, sending him crashing through some Happy Burger tables and chairs.]

Charizard: You mean that stuff Tyranitar recorded? I didn't say anything bad.

Mewtwo: What are you implying?

Charizard: I dunno. What are you inferring?

Mewtwo: That Tyranitar manipulated that footage? To manipulate me?

Charizard: Yeah, he'll do that.

Mewtwo: I cannot allow Tyranitar to make a fool of me. He must pay for this!

[Mewtwo runs off.]

[Scene Change: Dr. Von Tyranitar's Lair, Interior]

Tyranitar: Can't wait to see how the battle came out!

[The lair suddenly shakes violently]

Tyranitar: What the...?!

[The lair shakes again. On the monitor, it's revealed the shakes are being caused by Mewtwo slamming into the door.]

Ruby-Bot: Your new teleportation guard is working wonderfully. But I fear your wall won't hold up much longer.

Mewtwo: [talking to Tyranitar's camera] Tyranitar! Come out, you coward!

Tyranitar: I think it would be best if I gave this Mewtwo guy some space. Ruby-Bot! Sapphire-Bot! Stall him!

[Tyranitar activates his wrist controller, and a pneumatic tube closes over him, pulling him upwards. Just after Tyranitar leaves, Mewtwo smashes through the wall.]

Mewtwo: Where is he?

Sapphire-Bot: Uh... where is who?

[Scene Change: Dr. Von Tyranitar's Lair, rooftop.]

[Tyranitar flies off in his Dino-Mobile. Shortly after, Mewtwo smashes through the roof. Ruby-Bot and Sapphire-Bot's heads land on the roof as Mewtwo streaks off after Tyranitar.]

Ruby-Bot: That could have gone better.

[Scene Change: Motherbot's House, Interior]

[Tyranitar rushes into Motherbot's house, and over to Transformo.]

Tyranitar: Ryan, quick! Transform into me!

Transformo: Uh, why?

Tyranitar: Long story short, Mewtwo's gonna tear me limb from limb. He's gonna rip out my spine and play it like a xylophone.

Transformo: I didn't know Mewtwo was so musically inclined. But tell you what, Tyranik, bro, why don't you use my interdimensional portal creators to hide out in another dimension?

Tyranitar: Then I can con some other Tyranitar into being my patsy!

[Tyranitar activates one of the devices, opening a portal.]

Tyranitar: Okay, I'm about to enter a different dimension. Unless you wanna face Mewtwo, I suggest you try looking a little less... "Tyranitar."

[Tyranitar runs into the portal, which disappears behind him. Transformo transforms into a glass duck, which Motherbot puts on a shelf.]

[Scene Change: Lord Tyranitar's Lair, roof]

[Lord Tyranitar is writing some formulas on a whiteboard. Tyranitar appears via a portal, and puts the portal generators away.]

Lord Tyranitar: If I can manipulate the alpha fields, tweak the gamma receptors, and gird the blender, I can fold space-time and get revenge on that infernal orange dragon.

Tyranitar: No need for all that, your Lordship! I know where he is! Nice scarf, by the way. Very manly.

Lord Tyranitar: Me?! How did I get here?

Tyranitar: I came from an alternate dimension where a shapeshifting robot version of my brother from a third dimension gave me this portal gun.

Lord Tyranitar: Simple as that, huh?

Tyranitar: [suddenly turns blurry] Better hurry! Having two of us in the same dimension for too long--

Tyranitar & Lord Tyranitar: --will cause a catastrophic anomaly the likes of which mankind has never seen.

Lord Tyranitar: Yeah, yeah, I'm going, I'm going.

[Lord Tyranitar takes the portal generator, opens a portal, and walks through it. Tyranitar chuckles as he does.]

[Scene Change: Charmander's Workshop, interior]

Charmander: Oh man. Mewtwo really mopped the floor with us. I'm gonna be sore for weeks.

Blastoise: [pained] I can't feel my everything.

[A portal suddenly opens, and Lord Tyranitar steps through.]

Lord Tyranitar: There you are, you orange reptile! Finally, I can take you on, one-on-one.

Charizard: "Finally"? We fight all the time! [realizing] Oh, wait, are you that emo Tyranitar from the alternate dimension?

Lord Tyranitar: I'm not "emo"! I just don't care for garish colors, okay?

[Lord Tyranitar ignites a laser sword. Charizard spins at him, but is knocked back by a sword swing.]

Charizard:  Sweet moves, Lord McSharptooth.

[Charizard leaps back at Lord Tyranitar, eventually spindriving him through the wall.]

[Scene Change: Charmander's Workshop, exterior, day]

[Lord Tyranitar attacks some more, Charizard barely managing to dodge. One near-miss leves a scorch mark on his chest. Another dodge causes Lord Tyranitar's sword to burn through one of the supports of Charmander's Workshop. He laughs evilly and raises his sword again, but is suddenly knocked away by Mewtwo.]

Mewtwo: Tyranitar, you shall perish for tricking me.

Lord Tyranitar: Whoa, whoa, whoa! I didn't trick you! I don't even know who you are!

Mewtwo: Your elaborate costume doesn't fool me.

Lord Tyranitar: Oh, I get it. The Tyranitar you're looking for is in another dimension.

[Lord Tyranitar opens a portal with the Portal Generator, and Mewtwo walks through.]

Charizard: I'm going through the portal into the other dimension too. You guys keep an eye on Lord Dinobutt.

[The rest of Team Charizard nods, and Charizard runs through the portal.]

[Scene Change: Village Center (alternate), day]

[Mewtwo and Charizard exit the portal into the alternate dimension's version of Dragon Village.]

Mewtwo: Where's Tyranitar?

Charizard: It's a whole different place. Tyranitar could be anywhere.

[A near miss from a laser blast knocks them down.]

Charizard: Or he could be right there.

[The source of the laser blast is revealed to be Metal Charizard.]

Tyranitar: [laughing] You know Metal Charizard, right? He's been upgraded with all the video game motion capture data I recorded.

[Metal Charizard fires another laser blast. Mewtwo manages to avoid it, but Charizard, still injured from his last few fights, is knocked to the ground. Metal Charizard punches down at Charizard, but Charizard barely avoids it and manages to stand up again, only to be knocked down by an uppercut from Metal Charizard. Tyranitar laughs. Mewtwo attacks Metal Charizard, but can't manage to land a hit on him. Metal Charizard grabs a street sign, whirling it like Rattata's staff. The fight resumes, Metal Charizard eventually knocking Mewtwo away. Mewtwo runs back in, joined by Charizard. Metal Charizard manages to knock both of them away with the sign. Undeterred, Charizard and Mewtwo run in again.]

Charizard: We have to coordinate a spin attack from opposite sides.

Mewtwo: I take orders from no one.

[Mewtwo punches Charizard away, then goes back after Metal Charizard. Charizard gets back into the fight anyway, but Metal Charizard seems to have the upper hand against both of them.]

Tyranitar: [pulls a rocket launcher out of his Dino-Mobile and aims it at them] Take that!

[The blast sends all three flying, and also shakes the Dino-Mobile, causing the portal generator to fall out and activate. Seeing the open portal, Charizard and Mewtwo manage to tackle Metal Charizard through it. Tyranitar quickly follows.]

[Scene Change: Charmander's Workshop, exterior, day]

[Lord Tyranitar is bound and gagged.]

Blastoise: Struggle all you want, Formalwear Tyranitar. We've got everything under control.

[A portal opens behind them, and Charizard, Mewtwo, and Metal Charizard crash through.]

Blastoise: ...Except that.

[Tyranitar also exits the portal, and the fight continues, going away from Charmander's Workshop, through the canyon, and finally to...]

[Scene Change: Village Center, day]

[The fight between Charizard, Mewtwo, and Metal Charizard continues, with the rest of Team Charizard arriving, dragging Lord Tyranitar. Mewtwo charges at Metal Charizard, but is blasted into Tyranitar, both of whom crash into a building. Charla manages to get Charmander out of the way of pieces of the building collapsing.]

Charla: Injuries or not, we've gotta step up!

[The rest of Team Charizard jumps into the fray against Metal Charizard. Charizard knocks Metal Charizard back with a spin attack. Charla attempts to attack Metal Charizard, but it dodges, coping her attacks.]

Charla: Hey! My moves are my thing!

[Charla charges again, but is knocked back by Metal Charizard punching the ground harder. Metal Charizard raises its fists. Charmander runs up from behind, and Rattata and Blastoise charge from the front. Metal Charizard takes all three down with spin attacks, then leaps away. Metal Charizard's right arm is suddenly caught by Charizard's Energy Lasso. Then its left arm is caught by Charmander's. It attempts to fly up, but its leg is caught by Blastoise's Energy Lassos. Metal Charizard begins to charge another blast, aimed at the still downed Charla, but Rattata sees it, and charges in, jabbing his staff into Metal Charizard's power source and shutting it down. Team Charizard cheers.]

Mewtwo: Look at you celebrating like the game's been won. This is only the beginning... of the end.

Charizard: All right. Kinda cryptic, Mewtwo. You wanna elaborate on that one?

Mewtwo: I'm no longer satisfied simply taking vengeance on that lackwit Tyranitar. I want revenge on this whole pathetic universe. That's why I took those reptilian fools to a secret location.

[Team Charizard sees Lord Tyranitar is gone.]

Charmander: With both Tyranitars in this dimension, there will be a catastrophic anomaly that will destroy our entire universe!

Mewtwo: Now you're catching on. So long fools... forever.

[Mewtwo disappears. The sky begins to cloud over, and a storm begins.]

Charla: Oh no! The anomaly's already beginning!

Rattata: We gotta find those Tyranitars, fast!

Charmander: If I can piece Metal Charizard back together, I might be able to use its built-in homing beacon to lead us to Tyranitar.

Charizard: Great! Charmander, you're on that. Everyone else, let's get searching.

[Montage: Charizard searches the lava-filled forest riding Orange Force One. Charmander hoists Metal Charizard up with a chain. Rattata is flying Charmander's plane through the storm. Charmander is attempting to repair Metal Charizard, but an explosion knocks him to the floor. Despite this, Charmander gets back up and goes back to work. Machamp, Ruby-Bot and Sapphire-Bot are searching Village Center. Charmander is carefully using a wrench on Metal Charizard, tightening a bolt. Blastoise and Charla are searching underwater. Charmander is typing on his laptop.]

[Scene Change: Charmander's Lab, interior.]

[Outside the lab, the storm is shown worsening. Inside, Charmander is almost done with Metal Charizard.]

Charmander: Just one last tweak, and Tyranitar's homing beacon should be activated.

[Metal Charizard reactivates, then flies out through the hole in Charmander's wall, Charmander trying to follow.]

Charmander: Hey! Wait! [activates his communicator] Charizard! Metal's beacon is homed in on Tyranitar, but he's moving too fast! I can't keep up!

[Scene Change: Seaside Island, Canyon, day]

[Charizard turns off his communicator and stops Orange Force One. He looks up, seeing Metal Charizard fly past.]

Charizard: Thankfully, I'm Charizard the Dragon.

[Charizard jumps off Orange Force One and follows Metal Charizard. As the chase leads through the jungle, Charizard barely avoids being struck by lightning.]

[Scene Change: Seaide Island, Cave, Interior]

[Metal Charizard arrives at the cave. Charizard runs past him and finds Tyranitar and Lord Tyranitar, tied together. Charizard unties them, then uses the Portal Generator he picked up earlier to open a portal.]

Charizard: Lord Tyranitar! You need to leave our dimension.

Lord Tyranitar: I'll never forget you, friend.

Tyranitar: Yeah, yeah, just get outta here!

[Charizard pushes Lord Tyranitar up to the portal, then boots him through it. Outside, the sky immediately clears up. Charizard and Tyranitar exit the cave. Back in Village Center, Team Charizard cheers and high fives one another. Back at the cave, Mewtwo appears.]

Mewtwo: I'm not thrilled with the results, but I must admit I'm impressed with how you saved the universe. I'll be back, Charizard, but next time, on my terms.

[Mewtwo vanishes.]

Tyranitar: Well, I almost caused the end of the world, but it was all worth it. I got great motion capture footage for my video game.

Ruby-Bot: About that... During the catastrophic anomaly, your evil lair was struck by lightning. All of your mo-cap files were destroyed.

Tyranitar: Well, there's always next season.


Transcript: Charizard Boom - Episode 103

[The Charizard Boom opening theme plays.]

[Scene Seaside Island, canyon, day]

[Charizard is driving through the canyon in the Dragon Speedster.]

Charizard: Whoo-hoo! Nothing like a relaxing Sunday drive.

[Up ahead in the road is a sloped rock. Charizard floors the gas pedal, and drives at the rock. The car goes up the rock and goes airborne, doing a barrel roll in the air. It lands back on its wheels and continues driving.]

Charizard: Aw, yeah!

[A ways ahead, Charmander is driving in his own vehicle, with Blastoise riding an hoverboard attached to it by a rope he's holding in his hand. Charizard drives past, causing Blastoise to nearly lose his balance. Charizard pulls up alongside Charmander.]

Charizard: Hey, buddy. Wanna race?

Charmander: I don't see a downside.

[Charizard accelerates ahead, and Charmander accelerates as well, causing Blastoise to lose control and slam into several rock formations. Charmander tries to swerve to get past Charizard, causing Blastoise to slam into another rock formation.]

Blastoise: Hoverboarding isn't as much fun as I remember.

[Blastoise is dragged again, forced to flip over rocks. He eventually loses his board and starts getting dragged across the ground.]

Blastoise: Driver, please stop the bus. I'll be getting off here.

[The race continues, Charizard still managing to hold off Charmander's attempts to pass him, while Blastoise continues to get dragged along the ground. The Dragon Speedster and Charmander's vechicle go over a bump and go airborne. Blastoise is pulled up, then slammed into the ground. He lets out a groan, then is dragged off again]

Blastoise: [disoriented] Oh no, I stained my dress. Now no one will dance with me at the ice cream social.

[Blastoise hits off another rock. Charmander starts to close the gap between himself and Charizard. Charizard is suddenly distracted by his communicator beeping, and activates it.]

Charla: [over the communicator] Charizard, got a crisis here! I'm trying to make a baked Alaska, but I'm all out of eggs!

Charizard: Don't worry, Charla. I'm on it! [to Charmander] Sorry, Charmander, gotta go.

[Charizard pushes a pair of buttons on the wheel, causing the pedals of the Dragon Speedster to pop out. He puts his feet on them and starts pedaling, eventually causing the Dragon Speedster to take off at high speed. Charmander stops his vehicle, and Blastoise eventually slides to a stop.]

Blastoise: [disoriented] I can live with that. [faints]

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[Mrs. Bear and Wolf Girl are looking at some fruit stands. Tyranitar walks by with a bag of groceries, whistling. Charizard suddenly drives by, spraying Tyranitar with mud. Tyranitar lets out a disgusted grunt, then growls.]

Charizard: [jumps out of the Dragon Speedster] Sorry, Dinohead. It was an accident. If it'll make you feel better, you can splash mud on me.

[Tyranitar growls louder, then jumps in the mud puddle, splashing more mud on himself and some on Charizard.]

Charizard: Now we're even.

Tyranitar: Oh yeah?!

[Tyranitar triggers his wrist controller, summoning some DinoBots and his Dino-Mobile, which he climbs into. As Tyranitar gets out of the way, one of the MantisBots throws its claws at Charizard. Charizard runs towards it, plowing through another MantisBot and a BugBot, then spins through the second MantisBot. He then runs off, with three BugBots in pursuit. Charizard leads them through the town, then starts running in a figure-8 pattern. The BugBots try to follow, but eventually end up crashing into and destroying each other. Charizard then runs back, shoulder-ramming the last MantisBot and sending it into Tyranitar, whose Dino-Mobile loses control, bounces off a wall, then crashes a short distance away. The Villagers around him start booing and throwing apples at Tyranitar.]

Tyranitar: [growls] He covered me with mud! Why are you booing me?!

[Tyranitar angrily stands up, causing the villagers to scream and scatter.]

Charizard: Who knew all those years of being a total dilweed would rub people the wrong way?

[Scene Change, Village Center, later]

Tyranitar: If I want to win the hearts and minds of the people, I need to change my image. But how?

[Tyranitar's attention is caught by a game store ran by Frank the Meerkat. A crowd of villagers, including Charizard, Charmander, and Blastoise, are around it, and Tony Fire is standing off to the side.]

Charmander: I can't believe it's finally here!

Red Tiger: Shut up and take my money!

Frank: I assure you there are enough copies of the new Tony Fire video game to go around.

Tony Fire: Don't listen to him. They're in limited supply! Push and shove! Elbows out!

[The villagers mob the store.]

Tyranitar: The mouthbreathers are really going gaga for your merch.

Tony Fire: I'm telling ya, Dino, since he put out this video game, Tony's image has never been hotter.

Tyranitar: I bet a video game will improve my image too! [chuckles] Imagine that. Tyranitar in a video game.

[Scene Change: VIllage Center, later]

[Tyranitar is standing next to a display monitor showing a very low-bit game which has a sprite that resembles Tyranitar jumping across gaps full of water on a crudely designed beach.]

Tyranitar: Hot new game! Just released today! Finally, a video game starring a pudgy dinosaur!

Charmander: [to Frank] Can I get a new controller, please?

[Frank grabs one for Charmander]

Tyranitar: Hey, goober, don't you want to see the newest, coolest video game ever?

Charmander: Super Bear Brothers?

Tyranitar: No.

Blastoise: Dojo Fighter 6?

Tyranitar: Nooo!

Frank: Comedy Bear's Combat Golf?

Tyranitar: No! Dino Smasher! It's a sidescrolling strategy-platformer full of twists, turns and dino puns! To "beat it," you need to collect all seven--

Charmander: Pass.

Tyranitar: Why?!

Blastoise: It's so old-fashioned. Where are the cool graphics? The boss battles? The gratuitous violence?

Charmander: Besides, everyone knows all the best games use motion capture.

Blastoise: You're living in the past, man.

[Charmander and Blastoise walk off. Tyranitar angrily throws his game. It bounces off a Tony Fire sign and hits a Comedy Bear sign above Frank, causing the sign to fall on him.]

[Scene Change: Happy Burgers, day]

[A SpyBot flies into position.]

Tyranitar: I've planted SpyBots everywhere. Once Team Charizard arrives, I'll record their movements using my patented motion capture technology for my new state of the art, Super Dino Smasher! [spots Team Charizard walking into Happy Burgers] Here they come now.

[Tyranitar triggers his wrist controller, dispatching a swarm of DinoBots to attack Team Charizard. Tyranitar laughs. With the SpyBots observing, Team Charizard gets to work smashing up the DinoBots. Charizard spins through a CrabBot, then cuts back to smash another one. Charmander flies and dodges fireballs fired by the WormBots. Blastoise smashes a BugBot, then grabs another by the wheel and slams it into the ground. He then destroys two BeetleBots with punches, pounds on their wreckage, then poses. A CrabBot attacks Rattata, but he dodges its pinches, runs towards, then up, a wall, jumps off the wall, spinning in the air, and smashes the CrabBot with his staff. He lets out a primal yell, then charges another CrabBot, smashing it as well. Charla uses some dance moves to dodge two attacking WormBots, then smashes one. Charizard spins through the other one, then starts smashing up the rest of Tyranitar's DinoBots.]

Tyranitar: Oh, this is great! These are gonna be the sickest boss battles ever! Now, time for the star of the game.

[As the SpyBots record, Tyranitar starts going throgh some flashy, yet silly looking, battle poses, making battle noises as he does. At the end, he tries to vault back into the Dino-Mobile, but ends up falling into it. He comes up posing.]

Rattata: ...Do we even retaliate, or has he humiliated himself enough already?

Charizard: I guess I could spin attack him over the horizon, but I kinda feel bad about it. Meh, whatever.

[Charizard hits the Dino-Mobile with a Charizard Spin, sending Tyranitar flying. Charizard watches him go.]

[Scene Change: Dr. Von Tyranitar's Lair, Interior]

Tyranitar: I got all I need of Team Charizard, but somehow my sweet moves don't look at cool as I hoped.

Sapphire-Bot: Maybe it's 'cause you're getting your butt kicked.

Tyranitar: No no, that's not it.

Ruby-Bot: Might I suggest motion capturing a foe who can actually defeat Charizard, then just digitally replace their image with yours?

Tyranitar: What a brilliant idea! Glad I thought of it.

Ruby-Bot: [dryly] That's why you're the boss, sir.

Tyranitar: Who do I know that stands a chance of defeating Charizard the Dragon?

[Scene Change: Seaside Island, canyon, day.]

[A dark purple streak zips through the canyon, leaving a trail of dust in its wake. As the streak approaches Tyranitar, who's waiting in the canyon, the streak stops, sending a cloud of dust into Tyranitar's face. When the dust clears, the streak is revealed to be Mewtwo the Panther.]

Tyranitar: Mewtwo, I have a proposition for you.

Mewtwo: Find some other pawn, Tyranitar. I'll never work with you again. Now get out of my sight.

[Tyranitar walks away.]

[Scene Change: Charizard's Shack, Exterior, Day]

[Tyranitar, Ruby-Bot, and Sapphire-Bot are outside Charizard's shack. Sapphire-Bot is holding a boom mic, and Ruby-Bot is holding a camera.]

Tyranitar: The only way we're gonna get Mewtwo for my plan is if he thinks Charizard's been talking mad trash about him.

[Charizard walks out of his shack, but is intercepted by Tyranitar.]

Tyranitar: Hey, Charizard! What do you think about Mewtwo the Panther? I mean, eww, right?

Charizard: What a random question. Why are you asking me about him? I haven't seen him in weeks.

Tyranitar: Oh, just curious. Hey, bet you'd love to beat him up, huh?

Charizard: Beat him up? Nah, never thought about it. I mean that battle last time was a bit of a whirlwind, but he is a tough customer.

Tyranitar: Yeah, but what about his feet? Aren't they weird looking?

Charizard: Meh, I could take 'em or leave 'em. Where are you getting these questions anyway? Just pulling them out of a bag? I'm outta here.

[Charizard walks off, pushing away the camera with his hand. Tyranitar growls.]

[Scene Change: Seaside Island, Cave, interior.]

[Mewtwo is standing inside the cave, leaning against a rock. Tyranitar appears at the entrance.]

Tyranitar: [singsong] Oh, Mewtwo!

Mewtwo: [sighs] You again?

Tyranitar: Just wanted to let you know I ran into our old pal, Charizard, today. And he did not have the niceest things to say about you.

[Tyranitar triggers his wrist controller, playing a recording of Charizard. However, it's very jumpy, and shows signs of clear editing and splicing.]

Charizard: [on recording] Mewtwo? He is--week--that--wind--bag--could--never--beat--me--what a--week--week--week--wind--bag--he is.

Mewtwo: This aggression shall not stand. Charizard and his friends will pay. Time to take out the trash.

Tyranitar: [holding a garbage bag] Already on it. Then you'll go beat up Team Charizard, right?

[Tyranitar runs off with the garbage bag. Mewtwo growls.]

[Scene Change, Village Center, day]

[Charmander and Blastoise are walking together.]

Blastoise: Here's a good one. "A horse walks into a bar. The bartender yells, 'Hey, no animals in here!'"

[Blastoise is suddenly sent flying by Mewtwo. He crashes through a wall. Charmander runs over.]

Charmander: Blastoise! What happened?!

Blastoise: [disoriented] If I had to guess, I'd say I was knocked into a wall.

Mewtwo: [appears] Correction: Pummeled into a wall.

Charmander: Mewtwo! What are you doing here?

Mewtwo: Lizard hunting.

[Mewtwo runs at Charmander, who flies into the air to avoid him. Mewtwo suddenly appears behind him, grabs him by his tail, and flings him away to crash and fall into the well. Tyranitar flies up in his Dino-Mobile with his SpyBots]

Tyranitar: [To the SpyBots] I'm gonna need a free camera set up, and a fourth giving me an overhead view. Move, move, move!

[The SpyBots get into position, as Blastoise steps up to take on Mewtwo.]

Blastoise: Good thing I took that shadow-boxing class.

[Blastoise charges Mewtwo, throwing a punch at him. Mewtwo disappears, then reappears to counter-punch. Blastoise keeps trying to hit Mewtwo, but Mewtwo keeps teleporting to dodge and counter. Charmander flies up out of the well, armed with his wrench.]

Charmander: Don't worry, Blastoise. I got him.

[Charmander flies up behind Mewtwo as Blastoise winds up for another punch. Mewtwo teleports, and Blastoise inadvertantly punches Charmander, sending him flying to crash into a fence. Blastoise gasps in horror as he realizes his mistake. Mewtwo appears behind Blastoise and sends him tumbling with a shoulder ram. Tyranitar flies down, enjoying the show.]

Tyranitar: Oh man, my video game's gonna be so epic!

Mewtwo: [lands next to Blastoise] That was almost too easy.

Rattata: Well, it ain't over yet!

[Rattata and Charla have arrived.]

Charla: Fear my fists, punk!

[Rattata and Charla charge. Rattata gets there first and tries to strike, but Mewtwo sidesteps, catches the other end of his staff, and spins, flinging her away. He lands on his back, rolls through, and skids on his feet. Charla tries to grab and throw Mewtwo off balance, but he leaps into the air to avoid the shaking. Mewtwo charges Charla and attempts a flying kick, but Charla spins away to avoid it.]

Mewtwo: That all you got?

Charla: We're just getting started!

Tyranitar: Ooh, that would make for some great cutscene dialogue.

[Charla and Rattata try to come at Mewtwo from both sides, but Mewtwo teleports again. Charla and Rattata stop short, looking around for Mewtwo's reappearance, but Mewtwo reappears behind them, grabs them both, leaps into the air, pulling them up with him, then flings them away to a hard landing. Charla barely manages to activate her communicator.]

Charla: Charizard... help...!

[Charla faints. Charizard arrives. He sees Blastoise barely standing, Charmander struggling to get to his feet and failing, and Rattata is trying to brace himself with his staff, also failing. Charizard glares at Mewtwo.]

Mewtwo: About time you showed up, slowpoke.

Charizard: Mewtwo! What have you done?!

[Mewtwo charges, shoulder-ramming Charizard and sending him flying, crashing through three palm trees and into a stone wall.]

Mewtwo: Say goodnight, orange boy.

[The screen fades to black.]

Blastoise: Aww man, a cliffhanger?! I hate those.


Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Game Profile: Team Charizard Racing

Name: Team Charizard Racing

Release Date: 21 May 2019

Platform: Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC

Theme Song: Green Light Ride

Team Charizard Racing is a third instalment of Charizard Racing series and a sequel of Charizard Racing and Charizard Racing: Transformed.

Each racer will team up with the other two racers and defeat the rival racers.

Team Charizard:

Team Dark:
T-456 Omega

Team Fun:
Togepis (Neutral Togepi, Hero Togepi, Dark Togepi and Omopi)

Team Machamp:

Team Scizor:

Team Tyranitar:
Dr. Von Tyranitar
Metal Charizard
Dino Pawn

Voice Cast:
Roger Craig Smith - Charizard, Announcer of the Whisp power
Colleen O'Shaughnessey - Charmander
Mike Pollock - Dr. Von Tyranitar
Travis Willingham - Blastoise
Benjamin Diskin - Rattata
Kyle Hebert - Sudowoodo
Kirk Thornton - Mewtwo
Karen Strassman - Charla
Vic Mignogna - T-456 Omega
Matthew Mercer - Scizor
Liam O'Brien - Stephen
Michelle Ruff - Linda
Keith Silverstein - Machamp
Quinton Flynn - Lucario
Laura Bailey - Liza, Omopi

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Character Profile: Lila

Name: Lila the Lioness

Age: 16

Debut: WindFlash Gravity Heroes (ep. 21)

Alignment: Good

Pink shirt
White gloves with purple bracelets
Light pink skirt
Shiny white boots

Voice: Erica Mendez

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Character Profile: Charla (Classic Charizard's world)

Name: Charla the Dragon

Age: 10

Charizard Mania (Cameo appearance)
Charizard Mania Plus (Full appearance)

Alignment: Good

Charla is Charizard's girlfriend.

Voice: Christina Vee (Charizard the Dragon EX: Ultimate and WindFlash Legend Heroes)